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What would the Sparkling Unicorn be doing during the weekend? Aside from looking through her Pinterest for some cool inspirations, practicing her styling skills on Polyvore or even trying out new cool baking recipes, how can she say no to a once in a lifetime chance to venture into a cave with her best girlfriends? Yes, that's exactly what I did in one of my many weekends. The plan was easy enough but truth be told, we have always wanted to try out venturing into a cave but the plan never really did become a reality - until now. I must tell you that spending a whole day with your best friends who are as crazy and eccentric as you are is never a dull moment. So with that, I had to spent my Sparkling weekend with my Sparkling friends, Faiz and Kem. Together with us were another two people - Faiz's colleague and her younger brother. 

The fun began from the minute we made our way to Gopeng. The jokes we shared in the car, the songs that we literally belted out together as well as sharing some of our latest stories together, the ride to Gopeng was indeed fun. The excitement and adrenaline started to kick in the minute we saw the Gua Kandu sign. I was more than ready for this even though I was slightly nervous.

We got on our attire and grabbed whatever that is necessary and there was no turning back now. Before we got to the best part which entering the cave itself, we had to hike a few feet up through this thick jungle (I think that's what you call it) and boy it was just crazy straining hiking up. I was already out of breath halfway through and worst of all, being in the center of the line, I was actually further from everyone else - the people in front of me were way ahead of me and I could not even see who was or were behind me. But I had to keep my head in the game and just be positive. About 10 to 15 minutes up the crazy hill, we finally made a stop to rest before we continue to make our way into Gua Kandu itself.

Picture taken from Kandu Eco Adventure Facebook

Need I remind you that this was our first ever cave adventure but nevertheless we wanted to do it and we chose to try and venture straight into the Diamond Cave trail. It was noted by the guides before we started our journey that this trail we've booked for is the trail with third level of difficulty. I was indeed nervous when she said that but like I have said before, there was just no turning back anymore. Thus, we made our way into the cave where for the first time in my life, I actually felt like I was living a partial part of my dream. I mean, during my younger days, the dream was always to be a National Geographic representative - travelling around the world, venturing into places like caves and rivers and exploring new trends of the many towns and even petting some wild animals - that dream never came true but that's okay because here I was - standing in the heart of Gua Kandu, looking up the ceiling and the many bats hanging from the cave and feeling the chilly wind and the grim echo, it was just exhilarating and touching too. For the entire time I was in that cave, I was having so much fun. If you may wonder what is the Diamond Cave, it is actually one part of the cave where you can find the walls glittering and sparkling by the cave's own natural soils. What made them sparkle, I really have no idea and the guides didn't really explain it to us but the wonder made me humble. Such was the great power of Allah S.A.W.

We made our way back out of the Diamond Cave and continue our journey further into Gua Kandu. Up, down, left and right, so many things for us to see. We had a glimpse of our local history when the guides took us into 'the hall' - a huge area inside the cave where it was said to be the place, where in the days of the Communist, the people of more than 300 would gather. Proof of it were the old Chinese writings on the walls. Since none of us knew any Chinese, no one was able to translate what it really said but we knew the writings were old as compared to the sloppy news ones splattering all around them.

As we made our way towards the end of the cave, I was more excited than relieved actually. Caving was something I have always wanted to do and now I get to write that off my bucket list which is pretty much an awesome personal achievement, Now, what happens to the Sparkling Unicorn after spending a whole day in the cave? She gets hungry of course. So we made our way to Ipoh to try out Nasi Ganja. Not really sure what they are but they were enough to make me happy and so we made our way home with a very happy tummy - in which in this case I am sure that my beloved girls would agree with me how happy I was on my way home. For those who wish to try out caving, Gua Kandu is definitely a recommendation. I would like to warn you that unless you expect to see beautiful lights, colourful butterflies and weird-looking animals, this may not be the right adventure for you. Venturing into Gua Kandu is not just walking and skipping you way around it especially going down to the Diamond Cave. It's tiring and straining but if you are willing to keep an open and positive mindset, this should not be a problem for you. None of us had any professional training or preparations for this activity but we all made it out safe and sound which I think mostly because we listened and obeyed to all the directions and instructions by the guides as we are told to.

With all that being said, thank you to my Sparkling darlings, Faiz and Kem for spending that Saturday with me and taking me to an adventure of a lifetime...well of my lifetime. Am glad to have done it with you girls. On our next cross border trip, I volunteer to drive but I can't drive my Kembara because, it really is an old car.

Video credits to Qairul Faiz

If you're looking out for more information on caving at Gua Kandu, made your booking or contact Kandu Eco Adventure

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