Sparkling Project One : Revamping My Bedroom


Just when I thought blogging would come easy this year, I was dead wrong. My previous job didn't really let me off the hook. I was working almost 24/7 to a point I almost neglected my family time and bonding with my friends which ultimately made me decided to resign and work in a new place with a new job scope and a new environment. So for months, all I did really was revamping my blog site and let's just put it this way - The Sparkling Unicorn blog currently is at 90% ready. There's a few more fine-tuning that I need to do and let's pray together that this blog will soon be officially perfect. InsyaAllah~

Anyways, even with a slight glitch, I don't think I am going to take a break from writing because there's just so many things that I want to talk about. So firstly, what I want to share is a small project that I have created for myself. Well, you can say it's my personal goal but I would prefer to call it my project. I have always had a lot of projects but I realised I never managed to complete any of them and I guess, if I start posting about it, and update its progress maybe I would finally complete whatever projects or goals that I have set up for myself. 

My first project is to revamp my bedroom. Let's not talk the moolah that I need to collect to really revamp my little sanctuary because I'm not even close to have a single ringgit in my piggy bank (the downside of working with a small salary and living with a lot of other commitments). But I do have a lot of creative ideas. 

My reason to revamp my bedroom is because currently my bedroom is a reflection of my teenage years - everything in my bedroom from the wall to the wardrobe and even my bedspreads are all from when I believe I was eighteen or nineteen. Now, college is done and over with and I have started working full-time, perhaps I need a new environment and a look to fit my new and probably a more responsible personality. Of course I won't go too mature with everything, I mean I know myself and I'm slightly eccentric and a little bit looney so that should come into the inspiration still. 

Here are some ideas that I have but let's stay hope by middle of next year, I finally am able to have a new look for my bedroom.

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