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Life can be cruel. It has been years since I last actively blog. Since 2010 to be exact and yet here I am today, promising myself that I will start but yet I'm stuck sitting in front of my laptop and staring into nothingness. I spent half of my life trying really hard to break out of my bad habits but nothing ever works. Either I get pulled into watching the latest K-pop videos or Google some random fashion and lifestyle stuffs or playing The Sims 2. I know, The Sims 2 are old news but I still find it interesting. Can't blame, I was born in the late 80s. What is it that is blocking me from just tapping onto the keyboard and just blog something interesting? Here are a few reasons: -

Reason One - No Inspiration
That is the ultimate reason for my lagging in blogging. It's true, ever since I stopped Big21 Fashion Evolution, I just haven't found the right niche to blog about. There has been some trials and errors...too many I must say and so far none succeed. It has always been a plan after another plan after another and there just haven't been a stop to planning. I just couldn't find the right finalisation of what it is that I want to blog that reflects who I am and what my life is or what I want it to be. Finding the right inspiration is important because a personal blog is a blog that reflects highly on the writer. What I learn from the past is that when you try to blog like what others are blogging, chances are no one will interested with what it was you have written. My reason to blog is not to gain ultimate popularity, it is to share my interest with the world who are willing to share back. I do believe the things that I am interested in are things that a lot of people out there are interested in like reading, personal styling, arts & crafts, eating good food and many others. Many would say perhaps I should just share my interests with my group of friends. Well, that brings us to my next reason.

Reason Two - Unexciting Lifestyle
I'm thirty this year and most of my friends are around my age. Most of them are married and the other have their other group of friends that they will spend their single time with. I guess and I must admit that I'm the boring one out of my group. The one who likes to stay home and read during the rainy days. The one who only watches movies at the cinemas that stars my favorite actors. Yes, that's my life. I don't have the time or the pleasure to just walk out of the door and experience the beauty that life could offer to me. Financially I'm pretty tight and socially, I just don't have that many people who can just go out and hang. 85% of my life revolves around my family and their further demanding lifestyle. They're not bad people, it's just sometimes I wish they would stop making plans for me considering that I am old enough to live by myself let alone start a family. With the lack of social outing, I'm also further flooded and drowned with work. 

Reason Three - Commitment to Work
In order to proceed with a healthy social outings, I must have the moolah and to get that I need to work. Unlike most travelling, fashion & lifestyle bloggers, I am not as financially privileged. Try to argue with me that I'm wrong about this but let's face the reality. Most popular bloggers, regardless of the blogging themes, they are people who are financially privileged. In order to style yourself differently everyday or review a certain product or share about a certain exotic place, you need the cash and you need lots of it. It was so much more easier to blog about the clothes that your favorite celebrities wear because you don't need to go out there and get the items. All you need to do is spend most of your time browsing and Googling through the web for the exact designers and brands. But then, there are just so many bloggers out there who are doing just that which will only make you one of the many and to stand out, not only does your content need to pop. Your visuals must be top class.

Reason Four - Lack of Creativity Skills
I'm no Photoshop or Illustrator genius. I could barely get the right contour of a picture edited. As much as I love art, I was never exposed to honed my talent in art. I was more encouraged to do the obvious hobbies, reading and studying. I would love to start illustrating using those fun Copic markers or just brush away the acrylic on an empty canvas but like I said, those hobbies was never an encouragement in my home. So that got me to become less and less talented at just creating something visually attractive. Even now as I am trying to just stick with this blog and try my best to religiously blog here, my visuals are quite a failure. Which made me more or more scared to just officially announce the existence of this blog to those who I knew. 

With such mentality, there is no reason why I am just not inspired to blog. There are just too many reasons that is pulling me back from the one thing that I just love and enjoy doing but this hobby of mine could just be one of those past-times activities and considering that my past-times are very limited...

However, this has been going on for years and I have yet to fully throw the towel on blogging and I don't plan to. I do believe that I can make it work for me but how is yet something that I have to figure out. InsyaAllah, as time goes on, that inspiration will finally settled in me and I can start blogging as excitedly as I was back then. 

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