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Currently I am in the mood of cooking for myself for lunch. Food near my office has become too bland and boring to my liking. Furthermore, the amount of money I have spent on food alone it's just too ridiculous. So I Pinterest a few options and found plenty of inspiration. One of it is this delicious sweet and spicy Grilled Spicy Korean Chicken.

To those who knows me would know how much I love Korean food. I love the delicate and exotic taste of Korean food. And I do eat Kimchi because I like the taste of it. It is not as bad as many would make it to be. So when I found out about this recipe online, I thought of giving it a shot and seriously, this stuff is good. Pair it with Kimchi, white rice and the popular Korean chilli marinade and voila, lunch is served. 

Picture Credits to Rasa Malaysia

For the recipe, simply visit Rasa Malaysia - a food blog created by Bee.

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