Sparkling Project Two : Day One Diary


I have been talking about making some changes with my life and as I posted before, I haven't been trying to change. Well, believe it or not, today I started it and I was advised that if I write down the stages of improvements or the steps that I took to ensure that I keep track of the change, I might be able to keep up with it and one day really see myself change - physically, mentally, emotionally and of course and most importantly spiritually. So today begin my life changing diary.

Day One - The first thing I did was I woke up early to made sure that I did my salah Fajr (Morning prayer) and alhamdulillah, I did it. I must admit, it was really challenging to force myself to wake up and do my salah but I guess that's what happen when you want to change. The devils will whisper words and tempt to not try. After salah, I recited the first ten verses from Al-Baqarah and got myself to wash my piling dirty clothes. Right after that, made myself a cup of hot green tea with a squeeze of lemon. They call it the detox tea and it tastes horrible but I successfully drank it. 

Picking up a beauty tip from Adrienne Houghton, right after showering, I lathered up my body with coconut oil and boy was it greasy but the tip worked. I didn't feel an itch on my skin almost throughout the day and that is an improvement. Truthfully, I wanted to try the three-days detox program  but as usual, my family kind of got in the way which got me to not go with it. But to make up for it, I did drank a lot of green tea today but unfortunately because the day was a little bit hectic for me, I skipped a lot on water. I only manage a few cups, maybe like three cups, and a whole bottle right now. 

When it comes to diet, sadly, I broke the no rice for thirty days rule. I was successful for like four days. I need to get into that back because my legs have started to itch again which is bad. However, lathering up the skin with coconut oil seemed to work - almost like wonders but let's give it another week to really see the result. So that my routine for the day. Below is a excerpt of it with pictures. Oh and before I forgot, I did manage to chew some fruits for snacks - mostly berries.

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