Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Sparkling Unicorn Inspiration : My Future

It's Saturday and while most of the day I was out with the family and updating the office's accounting system, I spend a few hours reading Lauren Conrad's book, Celebrate (Just bought it!!) and a few inspirations came into my mind. All my life I have always dreamt of being a write, writing about anything but of course mostly about fiction stories. But there are also times when I wanted to write about my life and the culture and lifestyle that inspires me and the people I love. Then a thought came into my mind. What do I want to be when I'm older than I am, right now?

I'm not going to sugarcoat anything but although I am currently trying to establish my career right now, I don't really see myself just being an Accountant for my Dad's company. I do see myself to do a lot more and I'm not talking about just writing books. Indeed writing will always be in the picture but there are other things that I would really want to do (Aside from finding Mr. Right and get married).

It won't be a surprise for me to say this, I have always had a love for fashion and I do have a dream of starting my own design, becoming a fashion designer. My mother is never encouraging of this because she believes I don't have a style. Truly, I believe that my personal style don't sit well with her as it is not crisp and clean like hers. I'm more eccentric, I must say. as I prefer big, bold and colourful patterns and colours. Not to mention shapes as well. And if I were to give an excuse over my distasteful sense of personal style, I do wish to dress better but my body shape is weird and I don't really have the moolah to really overhaul my wardrobe. Although that would be a dream!!

There's more. I'm not those crazy fancy artistes who makes arts to express themselves. My way of expressing myself is by writing (fictional short or long stories). However, I do have interest with arts and crafts i.e. candle making, jewelry making, soaps and those kinds of things. It would be a lot of fun to have a small shop selling my own clothes and craft goods. 

I'm thirty now, and I do ask myself if I will be able to achieve all these. I mean, I am slightly running out of time but as Professor Dumbledore had once said, time is mysterious thing. You never know when and what is going to happen. Sometimes a bad thing can be good, and vice versa. It is the way of the Creator where we can't question too many times. I do have faith but to get all those requires lots of hard work and also it means that I need to change my attitude. No more slacking because that is my problem, slacking. 

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