Saturday, 9 December 2017

Unicorn Speaks : You Think It, The Real Says It

Back in 2013, Fox Channel decided to introduced five women to co-host in a daytime talk show similar to The View and The Talk calling it The Real. The five co-hosts were Jeannie Mai (my fave!), Tamera Mowry-Housley, Adrienne Bailon (now know as Houghton), Loni Love and former co-host Tamar Braxton. It took me only three years ago, which was a year after the show aired, for me to know about it and I came across it because Jeannie Mai is one of my life inspiration. After watching a few videos on Youtube (sadly, they don't air the show in Malaysia) I fell in love with it. 

The show focuses on real life issues, as long as the viewers or fans said or even think about any issues, they will discuss it on the panel. Issues like PMS, different opinions on different matters despite it being petty or small like what is a wife material or does astrology really matter or bad gifts on special days and they even tackle more serious issues like school bullying or sexism or the seriousness of racism - all of these issues are serious matters and things we all discuss among our family and friends. It is definitely certain topics I would share with my girls. But the most fun part of this show, which I am assuming they have stopped doing it, is  when they discuss about food and food binge. Watch the clip below and you will understand why I love this particular segment - also I love it because I am a foodie!!!

Aside from that, I just adore the women on the panel. Their chemistry is awesome and it totally reflects my relationship when I hang with my girls - I mean my girls and I, we love to talk and we are all crazy foodies. Also I learn a lot from these women - from their sense of style and how they individually put themselves together and of course on other matters like the life lessons that they learned (this is my shortcut on learning more from Jeannie because there is more than just her love for style simply watching this show) and I also picked up on their daily beauty routine. I am suffering from eczema and many people have told me to use coconut oil as moisturizer but I tried and it still didn't work. That was until I watch the video below and picked up a tip from Adrienne (I only saw the video last night). She applied coconut oil after she bathes which makes sense as it will trap the moisture and provide more moisture to the skin.What I didn't then was that it was okay to be a bit greasy after application so I tried to do that today and it has been almost 24 hours, so far it seems to work. BTW, Adrienne is my second favorite because she is a foodie too!

Truly, this is the best talk show I have ever watched since Oprah. The only thing I think is lacking is the involvement of the audience with the show. Sometimes, they shared some great gifts with the audiences but most of the time, like eating good food, they don't share it with them which I think if I was there, I'll be drooling. Although, another reason why people should watch this show is because of how some of their (the panelists) problems with life and their bodies, are so real and relatable to every women or perhaps every person around the world. It shows how even the most successful people on earth isn't living a life of strawberry fields. They all go through difficulties like us. This show is definitely a must watch and if you are like me who can't enjoy watching this show in your home country, just enjoy their Youtube videos. It is just as satisfying - thank you to the people at The Real for bringing the show to the world and of course to the ladies, for making the show even more real.

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